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Trusted Quality Care 

At Healthillion our patients come first as we provide personalized, exceptional and world class care.

We ensure that every facility on our platform is staffed by world class, board-certified physicians and licensed medical professionals ready to treat all of your needs. Our providers are vetted quarterly to ensure they continue to meet our standards of care. 


Some of the world's best doctors in the world are from the diaspora but our loved one lack access to quality care in our country. Healthillion promises to bridge the gap and facilitate the best care outcome for the world’s most vulnerable.



We all dread that phone call that informs us a loved one has suddenly taken ill. For the diaspora, thousands of miles away, the anxiety is magnified. We have all experienced unfortunate outcomes in hospitals and clinics back home.



Work hand-in-hand with the Healthillion team to provide top tier healthcare solutions to hundreds of thousands of families in the diaspora.



Does your company have a corporate division in Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya? Work with Healthillion to ensure that your employees have access to the best healthcare providers. 

First Aid Kit

The Team Behind Healthillion